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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From a walk to a run

Luke called to say that he met with the orthopedic surgeon today, and was at least cleared to begin practicing again. He's supposed to pace himself back to full activity over a period of a few weeks. So he re- entered the JV team today, not doing everything, but finally off the bench. Hooooray! Interestingly, the surgeon showed him his MRI and explained how deep and large the bone "bruise" was, and showed him where there was a slight ligamentous tear (sprain). Both of those findings help him understand the ongoing intermittent pain he has experienced. But there are now no findings on his exam that would indicate a meniscal tear or need for surgery (parenthetically, the official radiology report DID mention the meniscal tear, so we are doubly and triply and umpteenly glad that God put an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Kijabe this year who made his own interpretation of the films). This has not been an easy time for Luke, but we see God's mercy in the reprieve, and a toughening and growing maturity through the disappointment and pain. A few weeks of actual exercise and fun would be nice now. We all sense a lifting of the burden, and a hope. Many thanks for the many prayers on his behalf.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! An answer to prayer!!! I hit my knees literally after reading yesterday's post...and couldn't wait to see todays. Thanks for sharing so that we can "share" the burden!

Jane said...