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Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the wall

Heidi wrote a post weeks ago, reflecting on a movie which referred to
respect for the marines because they are the guys standing on the wall
that allows the rest of us to sleep safely at night. For some reason
that image has stuck with me, as a paradigm for our role. The Gospel
is supposed to tear down walls between people . . .but sometimes I
sense that our calling is to stand as a wall that limits evil in some
small way. To say this far, and no further, to the myriad of harms
that swarm Bundibugyo. To wrestle a modicum of order from the descent
to chaos. To insist that a lab be done, that a medicine be given,
that staff members complete their work, that food be distributed. To
cook another meal or listen to another problem. To confront brutality
or abuse. To pray. To not abandon the post.


Anonymous said...

To further Reference A Few Good Men

They need us on that wall. Thanks for standing your post!

Dan M

Anonymous said...

I echo Dan...Thanks for standing your post...your brothers and sisters in Christ--back in the easy comforts of the USA hope to "stand the post" for you...praying for your family and your ministry.