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Sunday, November 16, 2008

About Blogging

During tonight's phone conversation with Luke he said, " You need to update your blog, it's pitiful" (meaning he's missing home and he wants news and photos). Caleb's reply from a poster he saw on-line (using his usual filing-cabinet brain to retrieve an appropriate quip):
Blogging . . never have so many with so little to say
said so much to so few.

Ah, out of the mouth of babes.


Bet said...

That is not at all true about YOUR blog! Keep it up! And I hope you're thinking about a book some day...

Anonymous said...

Bet has said it perfectly--someday you need to turn your blog entries into a book. And I would add (having raised six children) that you will never have another critic who feels as on-the-money as your own child, but that is only because they have lived with you long enough to know where each of your buttons is hidden. Please keep writing. Judy in HMB