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Monday, March 02, 2009

collateral damage

In the theme of post-victory counter-attack on those whom we love, and in the theme of prayer . . . Ivan broke his arm on Saturday. It is his second broken bone in four months, both after relatively minor injuries. His school friends provided traction to snap the displaced bones back into alignment BEFORE they went to a teacher for permission to be brought to the doctor, so he was pretty close to passing out from pain when Annelise brought him up. A half-cast splint and TLC and rest revived him, and now we're trying to send a bottle of milk down to school daily to calcify his bones. It reminds me of Luke being injured in his first month away at boarding school . . . Ivan is 14, and though resilient, this is hard. Then last night I found out that my mom's eyesight has blurred significantly, perhaps related to problems from her old glaucoma surgery. Since she has both sever glaucoma and an epiretinal fold which impair her vision, and since she lives alone and drives about caring for numerous older relatives . . . more loss of eyesight would be extremely difficult for her. Would appreciate prayer for healing for both.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for your mom, and you---has to be hard to be away.