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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time-lapse Resurrection

When Kagadisa was first admitted, I could not bring myself to photograph what seemed to me to be a being who was hours away from becoming a corpse. So I don't have the worst pictures . . but here is a time lapse of several weeks of nutritional therapy and TB medications. Last week he stood for the first time. This week he's walking, with help. In a few days he will go home. Since much of his problem stemmed from being a neglected orphan in the home of a polygamous grandfather and a less-than-able grandmother . . I called his grandfather in yesterday for a pre-discharge pep talk on God's love for orphans and his role as provider. Let us pray that the physical transformation in Kagadisa reflects some spiritual transformation in his family, a renewal of hope, of concern, of responsibility. There is one family member who is a strong believer and perhaps this will be a seed of revival throughout their clan. The need for spiritual and social transformation to accompany physical healing struck me when Birungi Suizen returned to greet us yesterday-- another miracle child, now with curly dark hair, alive and reasonably well, but still stunted and marginal with a pregnant-again mom and an absent father. Praying for unseen as well as visible resurrection.


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a remarkable difference in this little boy! I thank God that you are able to see this kind of blessing amidst all of the grief that you also go through with so many. I pray that this child can not only survive but that he will thrive and grow into a young man with a great story of your love and that he will see Jesus through your work. May God truly grant him a full recovery! Thanks again for all you do and for posting such powerful stories and experiences.

Jake said...

This is unbelievable! Thank you for sharing his story! I will be on my knees for this little boy and his family. I know that Jesus used you guys to further His kingdom. I appreciate the ministry that you are doing in Africa!


Michelle said...

That's amazing... what a great picture of what you are accomplishing both physically and spiritually there. I hope whenever you see that picture you are encouraged. :) God is amazing.