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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hat trick

Rose, our resident midwife, called at 5pm to say that Nora, the mother carrying triplets was fully dilated and could we come and help. Scott and Heidi hopped in the truck and sped down to the health center to find Girl#1 swaddled and safe. Girl#2 promptly emerged without even a peep from the mother. Another 15 minutes and Girl#3 emerged. All were born head first, a blessing from above. The whole event proceeded quietly, efficiently almost effortlessly (easy for us to say). A medical privilege to witness a vaginal birth of triplets...not likely to happen in the litigious setting of the USA. We chanted "Webale Kwejuna....Webale Kwejuna...Webale Kwejuna"(thank you for surviving)... a sort of thrice "Hip, Hip, Hooray". Nora was too tired to respond with the usual "Webale Kusabe"(thank you for praying).
The girls weighed in at 1600g, 1500g, and 1650g and all cried briefly. They were early - probably about 34 weeks gestation. Please pray for their survival. The chances that they all survive, despite their apparent health at birth, is slim.
Thank you for praying.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

Kelly said...

Beautiful picture! They will be in my prayers.

Charlotte said...

Incredible - these three precious ones are in our prayers! Thanks for the good news.