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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mid Week Victory

CSB defeated St. Mary's Simbia today--they had both been undefeated previously, so this final match of the "regular" (though rather short) season was anticipated to be close. We won 3 to 1. It was a lovely evening and a huge crowd, lots of cheering and good play. The team has matured over the weeks of play, and the strenuous and wise coaching efforts of Alex and Nathan are showing, with some excellent passing and control. Our "son" Mutegheki Joshua scored again on a fantastic header off a corner kick. Two of our other boys also played--John came in briefly for CSB and had at least one nice play down the sideline, and Kwik was the key defender for Simbia. As the boys jogged off the field with huge smiles and cheers of the crowd, I relished this moment of victory, this island of competence in which there is the brief experience of success in their lives.

Meanwhile we could use some mid-week victories in other realms. My bronchitis has matured into full blown whooping cough I think. I'll survive, and with about 4 weeks down and entering the 5th I must be at least turning the corner towards recovery, though the night-time spasms of gasping coughing can be difficult and draining. Good to remember why we immunize! And how much worse it would be for a baby. And what it is like to face life each day from a point of weakness and dependence. Others on the team are also sick with viralish syndromes, so we would appreciate prayers for healing, for awareness of God's merciful presence in the midst of illness, and for protection of the rest of our families.


Anonymous said...

Just tonight God burdened my heart with the health of the team. As I was saying night time prayers with my 5 year old, we prayed especially for the health of the "Uganda friends" (as she calls you). Praying for strength and recovery.

-J said...

Tell Joshua Mutegheki congratulations on his goal. I pray that God will heal your weary bodies and give your strength!

-Jesse St Clair

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the two players, opposite sides, passing with smiles on their faces......Priceless...
We will be Lifting you in prayer to the ONE who made you~
Much Grace and peace to you~