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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Three of us are back at home: I drove Heidi's car (she actually flew to the USA for the funeral of her grandmother) with Jack, Julia, Ashley, and visiting Dr. Emily Pearce (med-peds resident from Indiana University, we met by blog and email thanks to Bart connections at Blacknall when she was an undergrad at Duke), ten trunks, and some groceries, back to Bundi yesterday.  Today Scott will lead the Johnson family in our truck and the former-Pierce now-Johnson-mobile with the rest of the loot, medicine, food, 3 kids, and . . . a puppy. As Scott said last night on the phone after failing to get my passport extra-pages (US rules), and failing to get an extension on one of the aspects of our work permits at immigration (Uganda rules), and sitting in Kampala city traffic for HOURS, does it really have to be this complicated?  Prayers for peaceful hearts in massive transition much appreciated all around.  Good to be back in our own home, in spite of the fact that dust, roaches, and lizard droppings abound.  Life is just a lot of work.  

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