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Monday, February 08, 2010

Luke, 17 years of life

Luke celebrated another Kijabe-based-birthday yesterday: we've ended up here in Kenya as he turned 2 (to have Caleb), 5 (evacuated and waiting for Jack), probably another couple for previous CMDA conferences, and now 16 and 17 here at RVA. The 8th of February was also our first day of conference: an intense morning of Pediatric Advanced Life Support doing CPR on mannequins and interpreting EKG tracings, then back to the mission house where we're staying to cook dinner and cake for the Bday, with huge help from all, especially Ashley. Luke and Caleb came down the hill with two friends to join our WHM family group including the newly-arrived Johnsons, Heidi, Ashley, and Scott Will. We played bowl-full-of-nouns with a Luke theme (such as "Mile-High-Over-the Nile Bungee Jump" or "Number 18 Parkville Community Soccer League" or "the Mujangile"), prayed, ate, sang, and sent him back to study. Luke at 17 is a young man who inspires confidence and respect, towers at 6 ft 2 in at least, laughs with his friends, can be impatient and restless, devours books, solves problems, plays soccer with passion and skill, and is poised to launch into life. He will do so his own way, and it will be good.

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