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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

welcoming home

Nathan arrived safe and sound, a welcome sight around 4:30 last evening, amazingly awake, strong hugs.  As our friends return from Christmas there is a sigh of relief, the realization of their absence and the hole they left, the-world-is-more-right feeling of being back together.  Now Clarks, Ashley, and Nathan are all home.  A dry-season perk is that the insect population is marginally less overwhelming, and since the inside of the house remains solidly in the 90's until well after sunset, we've been eating by candlelight on the little brick-and-bougainvillea patio outside.  So in the midst of a hectic week (the two babies I thought would die survived but a third I hoped would turn around didn't . . . Jack in tears after his first beginning-of-term exams when he realized he had made mistakes on almost every math problem. . . Scott mediating a dispute over which staff member needs the newest computer left to the school . . . letter written to explain why we are supporting the church leaders' decision and not over-riding their authority in a recent church dispute . . . accounting and prayer and stretching out the last of our food . . ) it was a taste of heaven to eat together, the candles flickering in a rare breeze, insects chirring, hearing stories of med school interviews and family times.

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