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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Burundi Trip

Here's a report from the blog of our travel companions, with some great pictures!

 I would like to believe that they have a better internet connection in their remote bush hospital than we do at ours . . . but our delay is also related to coming back to clinical responsibilities and kid stuff.  Yesterday Jack traveled with the junior high (7th and 8th grade) basketball team to a Nairobi-wide tournament and won first place!  He had a blast.  We all stayed here because RVA also sponsored a high school tournament for girls' football (soccer) and boys' basketball.  Julia's JV team entered against five other varsities.  They didn't win, but they did hold both of the top two teams to scoreless draws, and played very well.  The boys' basketball was the most exciting finish.  RVA won in overtime by a last-seconds layup from a very small 9th grader, Micah N.  They were playing a team of very TALL Kenyans who had crushed every other team in the tournament, so it was an unexpected victory and the crowd went wild.  

Thankful to mix a week of exploratory, open-up-the-dreams travel to a needy place; intensive care for severely ill and premature newborns and AIDS-ravaged adults; and memorable time baking in the equatorial sun cheering our kids on in sports.  The fact that one can do all three from this spot of earth is God's goodness to us.

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