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Monday, February 28, 2011


Caleb, sixteen, and sometimes sweet (are boys allowed?). Thoughtful, affectionate, affirming. Quiet, needing down time to play guitar, to listen to music. Never quite enough sleep. Aggressive on the field, coordinated, strong, wiry, endurance. Aware. Thankful. Sometimes a loner, not one to bend to the crowd. Keeps his thoughts to himself mostly. More likely to just shut the door and do the work than to complain or ask for help. Quick wit. Sharply funny, in the right mood could be a stand-up comedian, the eye for the incongruous. Still silly.
Today Caleb turned 16, right here where he was born. All three meals a celebration, punctuating the normal work of the day. Culminating in five friends joining us for tacos, chocolate cake, and home-made ice cream (inaugurating the hand-crank freezer that took up the better part of a trunk, 10% of our luggage allowance!). Crazy noise-making horns and bubbles so the HS Juniors could revert to their true 5-year-old souls.
Birthdays wipe me out, carrying the weight of expectation through the day, to push to make it special because I want to honor the person I love. But the rest of the world turns on, punky babies are born and forget to breathe properly, children vomit, mothers are anxious, labs come back abnormal, xrays need reviewed. So the day becomes a struggle to be two things at once, creative at-home cake-baking mom and responsible in-the-NICU doctor, all accentuated by the rigid time-keeping of a boarding school where the friends who come for dinner have to be at dorm study halls at 7, though mercy was reluctantly granted for a 15 minute lateness. Add in a basketball home game for Jack, Scott and I tag-teaming on cooking and cheering and hospital calls (alone I NEVER would have made it). I suppose that tension between the worlds of work and home started back with the first giving-birth and will continue until they are all grown and launched, and beyond.


Suzanne said...

I know what you mean about birthdays, expectations, trying to make things special, but it sure looks like you succeeded. Everything looks great, everyone looks like they're having a fun time. And the freezer, what a great idea! The kids and I also wanted to tell you how nice the house looks, the couches, curtains, wall colors, pillows all so pretty and go together so nicely.
Blessings to all of you and happy belated birthday to Caleb.

Travis and Amy said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! We are grateful for you! Star sends you a special birthday bark!

Anonymous said...

looks like a feast. wow.

the house looks half civilized too

Barbara Elwood said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!

The Myhre house looks gorgeous and full of people as always!

laura said...

birthdays and hand turned ice creams aside...

y'all have a real couch!!! hopefully it doesn't attract too much red dust...but what a treat. a real couch.

when in uganda, we met up with a missionary family who ministered to other expats/missionaries by inviting them over to nap and snuggle up to their "real" couch. ;o) everyone was always so gah-gah over their couch. love that story.