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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why We're Here, Again

Today, another reminder of why we're here. It's not one simple reason, but a collection. This hospital has become the destination of choice for people from a very closed, violent, unstable, and hostile country to the North. How ironic, that the people are coming TO the missionaries rather than the other way around. The word is out: here is a place where you are cared for. So they come, and many meet Jesus. This hospital is also a refuge for the marginal, and a respite for the hurting, from nearby and every corner of Kenya.
And besides learning a lot from the experienced and competent colleagues here, and serving the sick and poor, we're here because it's a good central place to communicate with all our teams, to discuss medical problems and research issues and chat on the phone. Uganda faces potentially contentious elections on Friday. Our team is bracing. We have enjoyed catching up with our Kenya and Sudan-based colleagues. And we leave on Sunday for a three-day trip to Burundi where we will be helping a potential new team research the possibilities for service.
But tonight I'm admitting that there is another, BIG "why we're here" dynamic, that is not so holy or noble but none-the-less true and dear to our hearts. We're here where we can live with our kids, and be part of their lives for a few more years. We left work early this afternoon and drove into Nairobi's western suburbs to the International School of Kenya. And we watched Jack's Junior High Basketball team win 41-22, cheering him on. For a kid who grew up in the "bush" and never played basketball until a few weeks ago, he's holding his own and learning the game. Scott and I actually only each saw half the game, switching back and forth, because Julia's Junior Varsity girls' football (soccer) team was also beating ISK 2 to 0. Julia is the power-foot on the team, takes all the corners and goal kicks. She is one of the most valuable and steady players, starts and plays the whole game, and loves it. So instead of hearing about all this on the phone, we get to attend the games, and thank the coaches, and share the excitement. And afterwards to cook dinner for all of them, and discuss their research papers or hear about what happened in their days.
Thankful to be here. The missing piece is Luke, and he's applying for a research fellowship to come for the summer. Praying.


Heidi said...

tell miss "power foot" and Jack-ness and mr. "love-to-sleep" that I say hey and that they are missed! And so happy for your and Scott's parent hearts that get nourished in this stage - and by the way, that is both holy and noble!

Anonymous said...

Praying that Luke will be with you guys this summer!

lauradodson said...

Praying Luke will get the fellowship!

I have to admit, that gym looks like an American gym! WOW. Very nice....

I am so happy for you both that you are able to work/minister/parent all in the same location. God is good.

Ashley Wood said...

Love, love, love seeing Julia out there in the jersey and the action photos. Bring joy to my heart. Oh, how I wish I could be there to see a game, and Jack too! So, glad you can be there to watch though. Cheering them on all the way over here.