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Friday, April 05, 2013

April Madness: CSB to Regional Football (soccer) Tournament!

This is from our acting Team Leader in Bundibugyo.  Please consider helping.  This was a huge part of our life, and our kids'.  Go CSB!!

Dear Friends of CSB,

We are now one month away from wrapping up our first term of the 2013 school year at Christ School Bundibugyo.  The students have picked up where they left off from last year's studies and been hard at work both in the classroom and on the soccer field.  Since soccer is a first term sport, much anticipation has been building for our boys and girls soccer teams to see if they can improve on last year's performances.  

In 2012, our boys team won the district and qualified at regionals for the national tournament.  At the national tournament they finished the best out of their region!  It was a wonderful way to end their season.  

The road to nationals was a bit different for our girls last year.  All girls teams in Uganda were invited to come to nationals.  While they didn't have the excitement of a district nor regional tournament, they had a great experience of competing at the national level and came away with one win!  This year, the girls are required to follow the same course as the boys by first qualifying at the district and regional levels in order to play at nationals.

I'm proud to say that BOTH of our teams finished top in the district this season!  I can't say that the season didn't have it's fair share of "bumps along the road," but I can say that CSB was resilient and ran two very honorable programs.  

Funding the regional and national tournaments are a challenge for us since we are never guaranteed a spot for competing at these levels, which makes them difficult to plan for.  The regional tournaments for both teams will be held in Fort Portal from April 11-13.  We believe that these tournaments are a great opportunity for our students to represent Christ to the rest of the country and expose them to places and experiences outside of their daily routines.  This is truly an exciting opportunity for each of our players.

Would you help send our teams to the regional tournaments this year?  If so, please make a donation here:
If you would like to, you can mention "Soccer Tournaments" in the comments section.  

God bless you all for your generous hearts towards the people of Bundibugyo.


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