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Friday, March 28, 2014

And We're Off

Please consider praying for us daily for the next two weeks.

This morning we are squeezing seven people, four small tents, sleeping bags, clothes, food, a soccer and a rugby ball, homework, Bibles, ipod and speakers . . into the Landrover for a several thousand kilometer multi-country loop.  Kenya to Uganda to lead a 3-day meeting and spiritual refreshment retreat for the Bundibugyo Team (and Fort Portal), then two days to visit our old home.  Uganda to Rwanda to Burundi, to visit and encourage our two new teams in Kibuye and then Bujumbura.  Burundi back to Rwanda to visit friends of the mission who may want to open a new World Harvest field there.  Rwanda back through southern Uganda, and finally back to Kenya again.  Along the way we will be connecting with old friends, checking up on kids whom we have cared for nearly their whole lives who are now in various schools. We'll spend nights with a couple of missionaries and a couple African friends, we'll camp at least five of those nights in places where there is no where else to stay, and we'll have a handful of nights in guesthouses.  To cover this territory and be back to work in Kijabe in two weeks means we can't really linger.  It's a lot of distance.

Pray for wisdom as we meet with people who are tired, stressed, lonely, and in the throes of cross-cultural transition, or struggling with the overwhelming nature of need in remote places.  Pray for words and insight from the Holy Spirit as we teach about solitude, community, and ministry, and pray for people on the front lines of the spiritual battle.  Pray for love as we so desperately want to encourage these brave souls and lift their hearts.  Pray for creativity and communication as our kids spend time taking care of the younger missionary kids in these places, and hopefully provide a glimpse of hope for the young families that all shall be well.  Pray for grace with each other as we are cooped up in a no-frills car on no-frills roads.  Pray for safety as we dodge countless dangers.  Our first leg of the journey is on the A104 in Kenya, recently named one of the ten most dangerous roads in the world in terms of accidents and fatalities.  We'll cross borders six times, and each of those experiences can be fraught with shady rules, long lines, confusing processes, and unclear fees.

And could you pray for a little fun too?  This is Julia's last family road trip before graduation, perhaps her and Jack's and Acacia's last visit to their old home in Uganda for a long time.  Bethany Ferguson is joining Scott and me for the teaching and counseling and prayer ministry to our teams.  And the seventh person is Rich Kendall, a good friend of Jack's.  There isn't a lot of margin time for adventure, but we do have a night in a game park along the way twice.  Pray we would be refreshed by God's creation, and for humor and peace in our hearts.

Thanks for being our support team.  We have nothing to bring to these Ugandans, missionaries, teams, friends, other than what we have been given from God through you.


wayne 'n barb said...

WOW~ you do love adventure!! Blessings and prayers often as you travel, minister and build more memories with your precious kids~

What are the chances of a face to face "HI and hug" while in Burundi? We are now upcountry at Mweya, teaching again at Mweya Bible School where we were 20 years ago when the war broke GOOD to be home again :) cell:257 79 177 978. wayne 'n barb vibbert

Jill said...

many prayers being said for you along your, fun, blessing...adventure of the best sort, not the punctured tire sort!