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Monday, March 24, 2014

Blessings of community and rest

Last night the Medical Officer Interns treated us to dinner they cooked themselves.  In two weeks they will have completed their grueling year of internship, rotating through medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, and surgery for 3 months each. We have spent countless hours up at night with these cheerful learners, and days on rounds, giving lectures, demonstrating, counseling, praying, encouraging.  Now they are anticipating being launched on their own to government hospitals.  We will miss them A LOT, and we were blessed an honored by their goodbye.

 Dear friend Karen Masso celebrated her birthday on Sunday in her NEW HOME.  We are so thankful to have the Massos as neighbors once again.  The world is back in balance.  Michael made Karen this picnic table for their front porch.  He will be creating a community development curriculum for Moffat Bible College, and they will still support the South Sudan team with trips, fundraising, advice, and encouragement.

The kids are on "interims", week-long trips around East Africa where a dozen or so students and some staff disperse to learn about Kenya's varied cultures, and learn about God as they face new challenges.  Julia is pictured here with her tiny backpack and sleeping bag, heading out for a week of biking around Mt. Kenya.  Jack is with the Samburu people in the north, and Acacia learning about coastal culture in Zanzibar.  So Scott and I had our own "interim" this weekend.  That's a giraffe you see behind us on a walking safari near Lake Naivasha, and we biked at Hell's Gate national park.  We had a true sabbath of rest for 48 hours at a nearby resort on the lake, and it was Heavenly, literally.  

Now it's back to intubated kids and blood and reports and stress, but we are very thankful for our community here, and for time together that gives us staying power to press on.

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