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Friday, October 23, 2015

Never too old for new tricks

Today, I had a new experience:  I was on talk-radio.

My publisher (and it is very weird to use such a phrase) works with Litfuse, a firm that promotes books.  So I now have a web page, which my mother can access here, an interview page which I really liked and you can read here, and they asked me to make a "day in the life" blog (about which I am ambivalent, but for what it's worth you can see it here).  Then today I talked to a very nice guy named Rick on a radio show as if I was a real author, which feels incredibly presumptuous with the grand experience of one book.  My palms were sweaty.  I know that I am much more articulate in writing than in speaking, but I muddled on.  As it turns out, when you are on the radio as a call-in you have to use a real land line, and we only have cell phones, so I drove into town and used my aunt's phone.

Which was a treat, because then she went to lunch with me and on errands, and I heard a few old stories I'd never heard before, and was reminded of the privilege of landing here where my family's roots were once so strong.

Marveling daily at the turning leaves and soaring hawks, mixing concrete, visiting neighbors, seeing an owl fly and just missing bears over the hill on a bike ride, studying for boards, concocting a dish very close to a southern French cassoulet,  preparing presentations, hours of skype with colleagues in Africa . . . and being on the radio . . . well, here's to new tricks in mid life.

Tomorrow morning we head out for:
Baltimore, Faith Christian Fellowship (presenting about our work at a luncheon after the second service Sunday)
Charlottesville (speaking to the UVA CMDA group Monday night)
Florida (speaking and fellowship at the Serge Vision summit Tues-Sunday)
Then a brief return home for laundry and re-packing and then out to:
Louisville (speaking and recruiting at the Global Health Mission Conference Thursday to Saturday Nov 5-7)
Cincinnati (Preaching and speaking at Wyoming Presbyterian Church Nov 8)

So more new tricks, and prayers for these old dogs much appreciated.


Janelle said...

I tried to find your email anywhere, and could not. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your book! I have 4 kids at home ages 14-9 and I almost gave this book to my 14 year old to read so he could review it on my blog. But I stopped when I read your intro that you read this to your kids at Christmas - so now I am going to do the same. I loved this book. I love the allegory of so many pieces. I cannot wait to start it during our Christmas celebration and read a chapter a night to my brood of people.

I love that you are sharing this story and they others with us!! Also, thank you for linking up with LitFuse so that I could get a copy of this sweet story to review on my blog!!

I pray that this book takes off in ways you never would have guessed or imagined, and that The Lord blesses you for your obedience to share but also blesses each and every family that reads it!! Thank you again!! And you are a "real" author!! So get used to referring to your publisher!!!

Be Blessed!!
Janelle Cole

DrsMyhre said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement, Janelle.
We would appreciate if you would put some of your positive comments into an Amazon Review of the book.
Thanks again.

Amanda K. said...

I bought your book and just started reading it! My kids are a bit young yet (my oldest is 4) but I bought extra copies for two sets of nieces and nephews!