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Saturday, October 03, 2015


October 4-6:  Philadelphia (Serge Board Meeting), including breakfast with Acacia the illustrator and Barbara the publisher of A Chameleon, A Boy, and A Quest on the official release date Oct 6!

October 7-13:  Visitors in Sago, including J and J for Fall Break Weekend

October 24-25:  Baltimore, speaking at Faith Christian Fellowship.

October 26:  Speaking at the Christian Medical and Dental Association fellowship meeting at UVA.

October 27-Nov 1:  Speaking at the Serge Vision Summit in Florida.

Prayers appreciated as we interact with people, that we would communicate God's heart for this world.  We're recruiting desperately for missionary-kid teachers, an experienced school administrator, pastoral team leaders, and just about any flavor of medicine or engineering.

In between all that, there is studying, writing, corresponding, virtual meetings, and farm work (turning fallen trees into winter heat).  And for those who followed the little dog story, the vet confirmed she is very pregnant, we got her immunized and dewormed, and a kind volunteer is caring for her as we travel this weekend, but she still needs a home with someone who is not gone as much as the schedule above.  Thanks.


Jill said...

oh dear... that dog knew right where to turn! I hope someone can step in permanently. She seems very sweet.

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