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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Iceberg Principle

This diagram, given to us by our language guru Karen Masso on our first day, has become my favorite aspect of this program.  

Before, if I still could not remember the word for tongue, eraser, boat, or embarrassment (just to bring up four words that I know I was taught in the last week, reviewed today, and can not say tonight) I would have been discouraged.  Just more evidence that we're too old to learn, that we are failing.

Now, they are words in my iceberg, that I am pretty sure I'd recognize and understand if they were put into a clear context, even though I can't recall them at this moment.

We are nearing the end of Phase One.  Meaning that the fun of dolls and cards, the Kindergarten comfort of games and repetition, is almost over.  But what a great time we've had this month with Gideon our guide.  We're making our own sentences, and making him laugh a lot.  But all in all it's a great program.  Do keep praying for us to absorb, to improve as we move into Phase Two later in August.

And perhaps there are iceberg principles in your life too.  Ways you need to look under the surface and be thankful for the hidden work of the Spirit, for the subtle impact of your work, for the rich depth and weight of your relationships.  What is seen is only a small part of the truth of this universe.  

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