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Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas, from Bundibugyo, 280 days of longing for the wrong to fail the right prevail for Peace on Earth Good Will toward Men


(Bundibugyo team bubble on Christmas Eve 2020, at our house for an outdoor Bethlehem Mediterranean dinner)

The salt-cure

Salt of the earth


from stars

Sifting into obscure barn birth.

Grain of wheat, of sand, of taste


in wandering womb

Plod hidden, through Palestine waste.

Drip of sodium-rich blood


On stable straw

Then crossbeam, tomb, stone, mud.

Particle of quivering, vibrant power


in rot-prone flesh

Sparking reversal to sweet from sour.

Gritty infant, teacher, king


us now

Your life to bring.

Poem for Christmas 2020 by me, greetings from Uganda, and please keep praying for us sprinkled around the world and longing for redemption.

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