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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Harriet Alive but not Well

Some people asked for an update, I know I’ve been reluctant because I keep hoping that I’ll have a dramatic praise to report.  The fact that Harriet is even alive is amazing.  She is getting “intensive care” which for us means ng tube milk feeding to keep her alive.  She is opening her eyes half-way and moaning, has more cough and responsiveness.  I called another hospital across Uganda which as a CT scanner but they did not want me to send her until she is more stable (which seems like a classic catch-22).  I drained an abscess on her hand today but that was a secondary problem from an old IV (though a testament to how bacterial this place is).  I started her on anticonvulsants, no real change.  Today I’m starting anti-TB therapy since she presented with severe respiratory tract symptoms first.  Could this all be TB?  I don’t know.  Could it be a tumor?  Possibly.  So I’m trying to keep her alive, treating anything that is treatable, praying for her daily or more, and waiting on God, not always very hopefully or patiently.  Thanks for asking.


bethy31 said...

Thank you for the update - I've got a group of ladies praying!

Debbie F said...

Thanks for posting the update. I have prayed and wanted to see what was going on.