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Friday, April 20, 2007

On Faith as a Substance

Harriet continues to struggle on that line between life and death.  Every morning I arrive at the hospital hoping for news of a miracle, but every day I find her hot little body and vacant eyes.  After ten days of IV fluid and antibiotics we’re now giving her milk by an ng tube.  I know many people have prayed for this little girl.  And I don’t know what faith looks like here, what kind of substance should it have?  Confidence in healing?  Or confidence in God’s goodness? Habakkuk determines to rejoice even if the fig tree does not blossom and the fields yield no food (Hab 3:17).  David declares God’s ability to work trust and gladness like the “season that grain and wine increased” in a time of conflict and betrayal (Ps 4).  Harriet is not my child.  If she were I know my heart would not be able to calmly consider the substance of faith, instead I would be hanging on to that substance in the turbulent and threatening sea.  Keep praying.

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