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Monday, April 16, 2007

Little girl, arise

Dear Prayer partners . . .
Would you take a moment to pray for Harriet Tungu?  She is a five year old girl who has been in a coma for almost a week.  In spite of treating any infections we are equipped to handle she has not improved much.  We are at the end of our strength and would love to see the power of God return her to life (just read in Mark this morning where Jesus says little girl, get up and eat . . .and she does).  Her very caring family has been faithful at the bedside for many days now.  

If you have been reading this blog you know we are under attack on many fronts:  rumors are that the community at the source of the water project has turned off the valve to the pipeline repeatedly, leaving our hundreds of CSB students and our entire town without clean water.  A disgruntled student is trying to sue one of our missionaries for not connecting him with American financial sponsors.  27 of the 200 chicks have died in the last 24 hours as an infection sweeps through the flock.

Jesus raised the little girl in Mark 5 just after storms at sea, demons, crowds, and conflict had assailed his followers.  We could use a similar reminder of Who is in control.

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Joanna said...

Lord please bring mercy and relief. Bring justice and peace. Let us, so, so far away not feel only a distant grief but help us to enter into the pain, sorrow, fear, praise, perseverance, and thanksgiving with each member of this team that struggles for your glory. And see fit to show your power by breathing your spirit of life on this little girl in a season of so much death. amen.