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Monday, April 30, 2007

Notice of whereabouts. . . .

Dear Friends who Pray,
The first of May finds Scott in Southern Sudan, hopefully Bor, though we have had little communication during the nearly two weeks of this trip.  The first of May finds me packing for departure—along with the rest of our diminished team (many already traveling) we will leave here Wednesday to head for the southwest corner of Uganda, a cool crater lake where the Church of Uganda has a tourist/retreat project that offers reasonable accommodation, peace and reflection, food and bird watching.  Scott, Michael and Kim should intersect with us on Friday.  I’m ready!!!  From there we head out to Bwindi, the national park where almost half of the world’s known remaining mountain gorillas live.  For our 20th anniversary we are splurging on gorilla permits, allowing us to hike into the woods and see these famous animals.  With the travel and going to Kampala for restocking supplies at the end, this will take us away from home for two weeks.  

Diesel fuel has been in short supply country-wide due to a pipeline breakage, the general inefficiency of a country where things are difficult to manage combined with enterprising hording of the supplies which are left . . .so I’d appreciate prayer that we will have enough fuel to drive to places of rest.  And since I’m not usually the primary driver and solely responsible for passports, money, locking up, packing, tires, etc. . . I’d appreciate prayer for the trip.  We and our team need a Sabbath, to climb into the hills away from the crowds, to pray and sleep and eat and be restored.  Please do pray for a real Sabbath for all of us in these next two weeks.  And be patient if you don’t hear from us, we’ll be disconnected for most of the trip, at least until Kampala (though still reachable by cell phone).

It’s still about 36 hours until we leave . . . And 3 of 4 kids are sick.  So I’m grateful for any and all prayers.

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