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Friday, August 31, 2007

Anniversary Adventures, part 2

2007 is a big year in our family:  Scott and I already celebrated our 20th anniversary.  But since we were married the year that both sets of parents reached their 30th anniversaries, that means that 2007 is a major Jubilee.  Scott’s parents are hosting us as well as his sister’s family for a week in Switzerland to honor their 50th wedding anniversary.  Yes, you can suspend all pity for the next week, we are headed to a chalet accessible only by train in a mountain valley near Interlaken.  I do feel a twinge of guilt, but then again many of the images of the presence of Jesus involve parties and wine, celebration and feasting. . . . So we leave behind our team and work and fly off tonight to a long awaited week of reunion and beauty.  I only wish we could have enjoyed this milestone with my parents as well.  


Monica said...

No guilt needed. Enjoy away!

Kevin said...

I always find it tough to leave work behind but the Irish in general do this very well.

The idea of resting is very biblical.
I pray you all returned refreshed.

Congratulations to Scott's parents and you both!