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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back Home

The Sudan travelers are all back home, and thanks to a slight decrement in rainfall we even landed here in Bundibugyo, with a dramatic splash.  More on the whole trip later but it was a fantastic opportunity and we are very positive about this direction for WHM. In a few hours Stu and Ruth Ann Batstone and Donovan Graham will also land . . . Hopefully just as smoothly.  Also many have replied about Ndyezika—he won’t know the outcome of his exams for weeks, possibly a couple of months.  Sorry there won’t be immediate feedback.  The next phase will be oral and practical exams in the capital on Aug 19 and 20.  THANKS.

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Lee said...

Praise God for his continual care and love. Glad you are all back. Exciting to hear of the possibilities in Sudan.