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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Spirit Moves, Sunday in Bundimulinga

A long and full church service today: most importantly, Chase Fletcher Gray was baptized, along with a dozen or so other babies and toddlers, and one newly-professing adult woman! But before we got to the main event, there were some very encouraging moments of lively worship and the spirit moving. The elders called all the children to the front for prayer as they have begun doing the first Sunday of every month (look for Jack and Julia in the crowd, and I mean CROWD of kids). Later a young man stood up to confess that he had taken a wife without proper permission from his elders . . . And though he loves her he wanted to be forgiven for going about it rashly. Another stood up to confess that he had been in conflict over school fees with the mission for a long time but God had finally brought about full forgiveness and reconciliation, and to affirm that Michael also stood up and hugged him. Those along with the newly converted woman and Charles Katajeera, who gave a testimony of God’s goodness to allow him to go back to school for a two year masters’ degree (after which he plans to return as deputy headmaster again at Christ School), were all called up front for special prayer, as you see above. It was an encouraging Sunday, so see God at work in hearts in real ways.

PS Don’t forget to scroll down and read about Ndyezika needing prayer . . . Many have already replied and we are grateful to know that his prayer support spans the oceans and reaches the heavens . . .

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Larisochka said...

Praise the Lord! I've been praying for N. Do keep us posted. Much love, Larissa