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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Repentance and Rest

(from our prayer update)
The summer ends for us in Bundibugyo tomorrow, and the last week has been full.  Thanks so much for your prayers for us.  We have seen God’s power and mercy even in the last few days as CSB teachers have been challenged and encouraged by Donovan Graham’s teaching, and as our team has walked with Pat through the dying days of her dear friend who succumbed yesterday to AIDS ( see below).  Today we tie up loose ends and clean out our propane fridges and pack up our cars as we prepare to leave en masse tomorrow.  Due to incessant rain and soggy airstrip we are unable to fly some of the people out, so we have to squeeze into available vehicles.  

PLEASE PRAY for the next week.  Jesus set a pattern of withdrawing from the crowds to pray, and to teach His disciples.  We need both in the next week:  rest, relief, restoration, prayer, and solid community building time away from the pressures of daily life.  Pray for Donovan Graham and Stu and Ruth Ann Batstone to lead us in “repentance and rest” as we study Scripture, eat food that someone else cooks, take walks, bask in some sunshine (we hope!) and swim with our kids.  Our team is facing a year of many transitions with half of the long-term “core” families and almost all the short term singles moving on from Bundibugyo.  Though others will be coming, the transitions are in the forefront of our minds and hearts as we go into this annual time of retreat together.

Thank you for your prayers, which are just as needed in times of retreat as they are on the front lines of Bundibugyo.  We are grateful for you.
Jennifer for the team

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