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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Graduates

This is Luke’s Senior Four Class, reluctantly gathered for a photo after their CRE Old Testament Exam this afternoon, standing on the porch of the administration block and trying to stay out of the incessant rain. The O level exams continue until mid November, but more sporadically; this was the last compulsory subject which meant the last time this group of kids will all be together. You can probably pick Luke out in the back row . . . His closest friend is the boy on the front left, Kataramu Taddeo, who has been a God Send, literally, a studious orphan on scholarship from Fort Portal, determined to behave well and learn as much as he can. Two rows behind him are Luke’s other good friends, Richard (neighbor whom we sponsor) and Nuuru. Two of the girls were in my cell group for most of the last four years (Dota the daughter of our Bible Translator Hannington Bahemuka is the thin tallish girl in the center).

These kids are the future of Bundibugyo, the cream of the crop in many ways, at least of those too poor to leave the district. Look at them and pray that they will be the generation that eschews corruption, that chooses hard work over dubious short cuts, that chooses faithfulness over promiscuity, that avoids AIDS and alcoholism and witchcraft, that enjoys a wholesome life with a solid family, dependable job, service to the community, that takes risks for what is right, that creates beauty and peace in this land.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much they've grown and changed in 2 years! It was great to look at this picture and identify all my S2 North and South students from CRE. I hope the short time I spent teaching CRE helped rather than hurt them on their exams. Good luck to them all!

Jen (Butz) Forness
Team Stewzou '05