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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plugging on . . .

Grammy ended up with titanium rods in her back and the anticipation of a more difficult recovery, so we would appreciate prayers for her!  Jack set up a count-down widget on the computer screen desk top, so we know she has exactly 55 days to be well enough to land in Uganda.

Luke survived what may have been one of his toughest days.  Can you describe the reaction when copper sulfate is heated, including the color of the compounds and the chemical formulas?  Or could you write an essay on the healing of Jairus’ daughter in the Gospel of Luke and its relevance to Christians today, worth 25 points?  The struggle continues . . . .Biology tomorrow.

Feeling thankful for small, and not so small, things tonight.  A few hours of sunshine after days of rain.  The smooth brown convexity of home made bread.  Sending two malnourished patients home because they were so much better (even though their beds were filled within the hour by two new desperate kids).  The arrival of 11 propane tanks for the team—about half the the team households had ceased to be able to cook, or refrigerate, which puts some stress on health and happiness.  Introducing Jack and Julia to basic algebra in their homework, and having their frustration turn to interest.  Our faithful old dog Angie wagging her tail and eating after a morning of chills and lethargy . . .

To end the day, a quote from another poem, called EVENING:

But on a hill among musizi trees
Sweet nuns sing the litanies
Of that virgin whose Son we know.
Priests like lamp posts in a graveyard
Stoop over the breviary.
There’s a piping of crickets in the bush
And a bellowing of frogs--
All sing the ancient elegy
For the sun has died in the west. (Lubega)

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