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Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Happenings

First, my mom just went into the operating theatre for back surgery, and here we are thousands of miles away.  That is very hard.  My sister is faithfully caring for her as well as friends from church.  We are praying that this procedure will relieve the severe pain she has been experiencing, and enable her to come to Uganda for Christmas!

Second, Luke continues to slog on through exams, today was Physics.  He thought it was pretty hard, though the topics had been generally addressed many questions contained specifics (describe an experiment that demonstrates the reversibility property of light) that he had not previously seen . . . He’s generally having a good attitude but restless, and the sheer volume of exams and material weighs on him.  And therefore on all of us.  Tomorrow Chemistry (Theory paper 2, essay) and Christian Religious Education (Gospel of Luke).

Thirdly, Scott went to Kampala for much needed medicine, groceries, and a meeting about the new EGPAF grant.  So we are missing him here, in the incessant rain and dragging sicknesses that are passing through the team, and particularly with exam stress upon us.

Lastly, Masika looked slightly better today, don’t give up praying for her.  I hope to post some pictures soon.

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