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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PMTCT: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

The plump little girl carrying her cross-culturally adopted white doll baby was born to an HIV+ mom. HIV-exposed, but thriving. The veritable PMTCT poster child.

Yesterday, 185 HIV+ women and their babies came to the WHM Community Center for their quarterly food ration (courtesy of a couple at New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church): about 40 pounds of beans, a gallon of cooking oil, and a pound of salt. Some come as far as 25 miles journey for about $20 worth of food. What a privilege to serve “the least of these” with food (both physical and spiritual). Pamela Brown-Peterside has taken this food distribution on as her own: raising the funds, procuring foodstuffs, organizing down to the last detail including porridge snacks for the women who arrive hungry and wait patiently through the day-long process. Our two visting physician assistants, Scott Will and Rachel Locker, spent the morning praying with small groups of the women, hearing their problems, bearing their burdens and bringing these issues before the Father in prayer. The whole day was an incredible team effort (thanks Amy, Kim, Pat, Amina, Jennifer...) with ever increasing number of HIV+ women. Sadly, though, Pamela departs in December after two years serving HIV+ moms and their babies. She will be missed, but thanks to her efforts, we expect these distributions to go on...

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