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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Peace and Justice

The President of Sudan, Bashir, was indicted by the International Criminal Court yesterday on seven counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes.  Pray for protection for the people of Sudan, for resolution, for hope. Pray for the Massos and all missionaries in Sudan, so far in their area things are calm.  Here is a quote from an African perspective, which would prefer to talk this out rather than bring it to court:

"The AU's position is that we support the fight against impunity, we cannot let crime perpetrators go unpunished," AU commission chairman Jean Ping told AFP.

"But we say that peace and justice should not collide, that the need for justice should not override the need for peace."


Bryonm said...

this i s a heavy deal. i wonder what took so long. for twenty years, before darfur, bashir worked to wipe out the south giving rise and aid to the LRA. seems like this is a little too late...

Unknown said...

The arrest warrant for Omar al-Bashir has already seen adverse reactions, like banning number of aid agencies. Does this mean we should turn a blind eye on crimes on humanity happening in other nations? Make your stance on the situation of arrest warrant for Omar al-Bashir at