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Monday, June 29, 2009

All Things New

Watched Slum Dog Millionaire (again) this weekend, and this time noticed an unusual scene.  At the very end, when Jamal kisses Latika's scar, suddenly there is a rewind-like camera shot of the scene in which she receives the knife cut to her face.  We go backwards from the struggle to a moment of expectation and happiness, when the two lovers look at each other unwounded, with joy.  

A striking visual of Revelation 21.  Tears wiped, death becomes life, the act of love reverses the ravages of hate.  

Perhaps in the context of the struggle for healing and justice for my rape patient, this image is particularly poignant, since Latika was also sexually abused.  Not just a covering over of evil, but an actual un-doing.  All things new.


Carsozy said...

What's so touching is that Latika was ashamed of her scar at first before he kissed it and assured her nothing had changed between them.

drea said...

Praise God...We know all things will be new.