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Friday, June 12, 2009

Continuing to pray

Thanks to all who labor in prayer for the Barts.  Tonight the only staff member left at CSB who has been serving since the very beginning spent time reminiscing with us, which was helpful for both his family and ours.  He glowed with hope that if God orchestrated this near-death event to occur with such miraculous timing and location for rescue, surely He can bring Kevin through the coma.  We have lived through too much inexplicable suffering in Uganda to make any prediction that we know God's intentions, except to testify by faith that His actions are motivated, always and in every situation, by love.  It is mid-day Friday in America, and over Friday evening and night the slow process of warming Kevin's temperature back to normal and then withdrawing the paralyzing and sedating drugs will occur.  Perhaps by Saturday, but perhaps later, there will be subtle signs that will give the doctors and JD some clues about the extent of injury Kevin's brain incurred in the long period of his cardiac arrest.  This period of unknowing is very difficult, like the disciples huddled in the upper room, dreading and assuming the worst from Friday to Sunday.  Let us pray that we, like they, will experience the amazing resurrecting power of the living Christ.  

Here is the link to the Bart's blog for updates:

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