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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pictures from Birthday

Heidi, my hero, taught me to upload pictures to my blog (yes, all that you've seen up to this point was Scott). So here is my lovely prayer-breakfast table, which began the day on the Masso's porch: Here, our team, including Craig and Dick from the Mariner's Church (Pierce home church in Annapolis) and our intern Doug . . Tim it seems was pushing the timer button and didn't make it. Sorry Tim! The reason I am surviving here without Scott: cheery kids and a hard-working team. This is the pizza production on my Bday. And it proves that Tim (blue shirt) is actually here. Me, with two fire-cracker candles standing in for the 47. Ashley made the amazingly rich dense chocolate cakes, and the Pierces made ice cream. Pretty yummy.

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Heather Pike Agnello said...

A belated happy b-day, Jennifer. Wish I could remember how to say "thank you for being born", but know that, more importantly, I am thanking God that you were...