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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Jack Thomas Myhre, 12

Jack is a child who lived through more between conception and birth than most people do in a lifetime: rebels, war, gunfire, fleeing, helicopters, potentially devastating illness, thinking we lost our home, crossing the ocean twice, moving countries. When I look at him now with his 99%ile height and his 99%ile brain, huge and healthy and brilliant, I have to be astounded at God's grace. He's a living testament to God's humor, bringing the least expected out of circumstances. Jack at 12 is handsome, mischievous, a rough-houser and a teaser who loves a good cuddly hug, especially with his dog. He's a reader and a footballer, fiercely competitive with no regard for his bodily safety, but also able to entertain 3 year-olds, build legos, roll on the floor. His physical size and academic atmosphere don't match his real child-soul-age . . which means that he absorbs a lot of stress and anxiety going through his days in an arbitrary and harsh system amongst older classmates. He ponders abstract concepts and metaphysical realities, usually quietly, until a question about God or eternity pops out. His messy handwriting is worth deciphering for great vocabulary or creative problem-solving. Jack jumps ruthlessly on weak logic or unfair pronouncements from his mom, or sister, but he also gently understands us and our ups and downs, and appreciates us. He adores his dad, requested to play a little football with him for his Bday, and has the exact same hair cut. He has even less patience than I do, and unfortunately that's saying something. He misses his brothers, bearing the highest cost of any of the six of us for the family separation, lighting up tonight when each independently called him with a group of friends from their dorms to sing Happy Birthday to him. He makes a point of being thankful. His doodles are amazing. And he's loyal to his friends and his sense of home and place here in Bundibugyo.
Tonight we celebrate this boy whose life we watch and hold with awe and caution, waiting to see what 12 more years will bring.


Lisa said...

what a beautiful meditation!

Anonymous said...

JACK THOMAS MYHRE! Thanks be to God for your life and who you are. This description and detail of who Jack is and his life's beginning is spectacular. it may have set the tone...his whole life may be spectacular, a spectacular reflection of God's power, grace, mercy and love.
I love Jack and i am thankful to be his aunt. He is unique in every way. Handsome, thought full, clever and sensitive.
thank you for writing about Jack's life it brought tears to my eyes and a smile because i know him. thank you God for Jack!