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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mercy Seen

Thanks for prayers for my mom, whose surgery went well.  She can't notice any improvement yet in her vision . . but she also did not LOSE vision in the procedure, and her doctor is hopeful that over the next few weeks of healing she will see more clearly.  This is a mercy for which we are all thankful.

I pried open one of my patients' eyelids today to look in the inner eyelid for signs of anemia (a handy place to check on a dark-skinned child) and was shocked to see his cornea completely scarred, occluded, cloudy, from an infection at the tender age of 4 months.  It was a reminder to me of fragility of the vision we often take for granted, and the common humanity we all share in the face of health problems. My mom has supported two friends of ours here, one a 4 year old girl born ON HER BIRTHDAY (!) to a nurse friend of ours who sustained an eye injury, and the other a teenage student friend of ours who developed glaucoma, because her own eye illnesses have made her empathetic to those of children with fewer resources and options.  In the end, though some care is more skilled (Hopkins) than others  (mine), we all depend upon God's healing mercy.  Grateful.

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