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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rwenzori Mission School, Class of 2022 and 2024 . . .

As Luke nears high school graduation, he will be the first of our missionary kids (?since maybe a Herron??) to have spent nearly his entire school life here in Africa. He started "preschool" at age 4 just to be part of the fun, but his dear teacher politely suggested after his first few days of class that his energy level might make it easier to wait another year . . . Then except for 2nd grade in Baltimore, his whole school life has been a mix of RMS (our missionary kid classroom) and Ugandan classrooms in Bundibugyo, and the last two years at RVA in Kenya. (Which explains some of his unusual advances and gaps, not to mention his unconventional tendencies I suppose.)
Now the cycle begins anew, as Lilli started Kindergarten, and Patton and Bryan preschool, on Wednesday. They were thrilled as only 3 to 5 year olds can be with their awesome teachers and new adventure. Ashley, Anna, Nathan, and even Jack and Julia, have poured incredible effort into the "new" RMS since we shifted up from Christ School property at the request of the Pierces to free up space there, to the former Tabb house. The new set up is probably three times more spacious, with great outdoor breathing room too. With fresh paint and artful arranging, bookshelves and rugs and curtains, it is a wonderful learning environment.
Pray that these new little RMS-students learn to love to learn as our kids have, that the teachers would lead them intellectually and spiritually as they have our kids. That RMS would be a stimulating and safe haven in a sometimes hostile world. That the quiet set-apart location would not be an invitation for thieves (two break-ins already have left us without things like pencils, scissors, and the tape/ear-set learning station). That this new generation of third-culture kids, the future leaders of who-knows-what, would be nurtured and prepared. That God would send us another teaching partner to come alongside Anna when Ashley finishes her extended term this summer.
Fun for us to have been here long enough to watch a full cycle from preschool to high-school and back to preschool again.

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