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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Please pray for my mom, who is having a delicate and complicated eye-surgery tomorrow at Hopkins. She has the best care in the world. But she also has three major different problems in the same eye, a history of multiple other surgeries there, making it a very complex and risky situation. Her vision has deteriorated significantly in recent years (impacting things like driving and reading, pretty significant for a person living alone), and we hope this surgery will prevent a further progression towards blindness. Pray her post-op vision would actually be IMPROVED.
Jesus did a lot of vision-healing . . because vision is so central to life and survival and enjoyment of this world, so much a part of who we are in God's image. I know He would delight in answering our prayers for yet another! And though we are so far away (and thankful that my sister will drop everything in her life to accompany my mom) we know that our collective prayers please our Father who likes to give us what we ask for.

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Walking to China said...

Praying for your mom in China!