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Thursday, March 04, 2010

World Cup 2010, East Africa

Yesterday, Jack celebrated his real birthday with our smallish family, phone calls, a special lasagna dinner, flour-less chocolate cakes, and home made coffee ice cream. He is, after all, a child whose career ambitions vary between football, preaching, medicine and being a chef. He appreciates a good meal. But the real party was this evening. Thanks to a lenient vote from CSB administration his best friend Ivan was released from boarding school confinement to join us for the post-team-meeting World-Cup-theme party. We divided everyone up into 3-person football squads and while some made pizza others played through a bracket. Argentina (Jack, Ivan, and Julia) met England (Scott, Travis, and Ashley subbing for Lilli) in the finals and emerged triumphant. Ashley had baked a soccer-ball shaped cake, and we ended the evening playing a late card game with the over-five under-26-or-so crowd. On evenings like this I appreciate our team, the effort everyone makes to come together, to celebrate, to enjoy, a taste of the Kingdom.

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