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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And the Word became flesh . . .

Yesterday we were invited to the annual Lubwisi/Lwamba Bible Translation and Literacy Project end-of-year celebration. In many ways it is a typical Ugandan party: dressing up, siting on benches in a hot room, enduring speeches, waiting for the hugely desirable chicken stew on rice ultimate meal. But in other ways, this party is unique. In the room were a couple of dozen people, from 10 different church denominations, male and female, younger and older. As we all stood and introduced ourselves, one of the wives of a committee member was a real fireplug going on and on about how thankful she was that they were acting like bajungu and inviting WIVES to join in! And anyone who did not bring their spouse had to explain why not! Some worked to translate, others to check and approve, others to teach people to read in their own language. This is a very independent project now, and our inputs are minimal. 21 of the 27 books of the New Testament have been translated now . . which means that in 2010, we should see a full New Testament!
Scott gave a very encouraging speech to these faithful men and women. Because of them, God's glory becomes more full, more complete, as He is known in another language, one which equally reflects who He is. Because of them, the people of Bundibugyo can read for themselves what He has said and sift out the impurities of western culture that have infiltrated "Christian" practice in Africa. Scott said it was appropriate that we celebrate their project during the Christmas season, because Jesus is the WORD of God, and they, like Mary, are giving birth to the word, this time in paper and ink.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful this, God bless these people.