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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marvelous Market

That was the pastor's description of yesterday's market: marvelous. I'm not a huge fan of shopping, but I did enjoy tagging along with Pat and Jack and entering into the excitement. Huge crowds, milling, pressing, searching. Brightly colored new clothes, made in China and India, Obama-brand jeans. Yards and yards of sequined sheer wraps, or printed cotton. Cabbages, tomatoes, flustered chickens, raw meat, sort-of-fresh fish. Piles of bargain shoes. Tin bowls. Plastic sunglasses. Everyone on the lookout for an outfit and food they can afford to make the day special. And then, shockingly, a marching band, brass and drums, striding through the chaos announcing an herbal medicine from Congo that promises health and wealth. Curiosity, laughter. Jack and then Scott took some snaps of the festive market. Enjoy.

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