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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Double Scott Birthday tonight—two prime number birthdays, one in the decade of the 20’s and one in the 40’s, for Scott Will and Scott Myhre, who not only share a name, good looks, medical know-how, adventurous spirits, and godly hearts, but also have Bdays in the same week . . . Superb pizza as usual, homemade ice cream straight from the cow (who was mooing through the fence as we ate, to the delight of the twins), cakes courtesy of team mate Kim, and a fun party game where everyone got a bag of goodies I wrapped up from the Gray’s cupboard clean out (best prize: Trader Joe’s dark chocolate chips!!). Caleb put together an amazing Keynote (Mac version of PowerPoint) presentation to honor his Dad (with help from his siblings, including poetry by Julia). It was a fun family night, one that was needed after a heart-sapping week of goodbyes and troubles.

We also honored Luke who will finish his last of 19 exams tomorrow! Computer Theory. His dream was to relax in a hammock and read Lord of the Rings straight through as soon as exams were over, all three volumes, pausing only for food. . . . So we had bought him a beautiful Ugandan woven hammock as a gift to celebrate this milestone. However instead of lazing in the hammock he’s having his best friends over for dinner and a sleep-over and then they all get up early Friday to drive out. His class mates will stop in Fort Portal while Scott and Scott take Luke on to Entebbe to fly out to America. My baby is going across the ocean alone, to cheer his Grammy and be pampered post-exams.

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