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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Final-Thursday-My man

Today is the actual Thanksgiving Day . . . So I saved the best for last, my man. Right now Scott and Jack are out in our truck turkey hunting . . . No, not in the woods, they are looking for the home of a friend of ours who claims he has a humongous bird he’s happy to sell us. We proactively bought a turkey some months ago but as of yesterday he only weighed a whopping seven pounds, not exactly a feast for the 20-some people we’re expecting. Hopefully they’ll be back soon, to do the gruesome killing with a panga or knife. He’s already got a big pot of water on the segili (charcoal burner) outside so he can scald the dead turkey, making feather removal more efficient. Then he'll clean it, dress it, and grill it on our Weber grill. While the turkey is roasting he’ll be dealing with other issues, such as the current list of : helping the district plan the December 1st World AIDS Day celebration that promotes sexual faithfulness, overseeing three charitable house construction projects (a widow, an orphan, and an elderly friend who all have house crises), meeting with team mates who are leaving for prayer and debriefing and review, wading through a ridiculously expensive bureaucratic process to get a lawnmower imported to keep our airstrip functional, fixing team bikes and his motorcycle, evaluating referrals of complicated patients, meeting with elders regarding wedding negotiations for one of our boys, coordinating with MSF (Doctors without Borders) to get supplies for a mysterious epidemic the district is investigating (not so close to us, but we want to help), and that is just a few of the things I’ve actually seen him up to in the last 24 hours. Add to that holding me together in the midst of team transition and goodbye . . . There is no one else like Scott. I’m thankful for him!

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