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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Goodbye Scotticus and Amy

What single guy would NOT want to join this team??? Why in the world is this one leaving??? Sigh.

The MAF plane took two tries to lift off from our somewhat soggy, hand-slashed (still waiting for our replacement mower since the old one was destroyed in August . . .) airstrip as a misty cloud moved down the mountain to envelop us in rain. Whew. Thankfully they are safely in the air and en route to Kampala, then tomorrow back to the US. Last night we had tearful prayers, a very funny video put together by Luke, gifts, reminiscences, pizza of course, and ended the evening with a wild game that was part “ghost” (tag with a blindfold) and part dancing to the Shrek soundtrack. This week is a season of goodbyes, with the Gray departure still looming. I think I’m unable to take in the reality of it all, though moments do break through, today for me it was seeing Caleb cling to Scotticus in his goodbye hug, the realization that this life of intense relationship and inevitable departure takes a chunk of my kids’ hearts too.


claire said...

I know it's hard on the kids when this happens, I'll definitely be praying for their hearts!
Give them my love!

Anonymous said...

Our family has been praying for Scott and the team he leaves behind. Though I've never met any of you, I feel as if you are a part of our lives, and we greive with you. Many prayers, The Rodgers family