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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Give A Goat

Sometimes around Christmas we find that people are looking for meaningful gifts to give their families. This year we have a great idea: give a goat. For $110 you can purchase a dairy goat. They are a bit smelly and loud to keep in your yard, and you probably prefer your milk clean, cold, pasteurized, in a plastic bottle in the fridge. So instead of sending you the real live goat, you’ll get the little locally hand-crafted ornament pictured above, to hang on your tree. And a family in Bundibugyo will get the goat. A baby whose mother has died, or one whose mother has HIV infection, will be able to drink the goat’s milk, possibly the difference between living and growing up, and dying in infancy.

For more information, check out <> (also a link on our sidebar). Briefly, you can either mail a check to : World Harvest Mission Donations Processing Center, Box 1244, Albert Lea, MN 56007-1244; or go on line to this link <> to donate. Be sure to designate Uganda Infant Diaconal Fund (BundiNutrition) #12371 on your check. Karen Masso will eventually get your address from the donation list, and mail you the ornament, but if you’d like it earlier to put on your tree or give as a gift just email her ( so she can send it to you. All donations are tax deductible.

Jesus’ birth was announced to shepherds; he spent his first hours on earth in the company of goats. It is our prayer that this project will enable 75 more babies to get the calories and protein they need to live, and allow 75 American families the blessing of celebrating Christmas the way He did.


Brad & Stacey said...

Hi Guys!
We have enjoyed reading your blog and have been praying for your family and all the transitions that have recently taken place with your team.

Our family is very excited to "give a goat" this year. I look forward to having our kids meet your family at Team Leaders so they can better understand the work that we are praying for!

See you in Jan!

Hunters 5

Lee said...


I think that the ornaments are a great idea. We are excited about giving goats again this year and being able to give the ornaments to our family members we give in honor of.

I only wish I could come over and see the goats we've given. Well, maybe one day. I tell people I did not really know what the word "green" meant until I visited Budnibugyo.

Hope all of you have a great Christmas.

Peter and Janet said...

Hey Myhres,

Pete Herron here. I hope you all are well. Great idea! Janet and I really enjoy reading your blog.

I've recently started working for an organization called, and I thought you guys might be interested in what we do as a possible source of fundraising for your various projects or for your own support. We offer free fundraising websites to missionaries, ministries, churches etc.. You can set up your own site in about 20 minutes, and you could put a link here on your blog to it.

The basic idea is that you have lots of people who support and pray for you guys, and also do some online shopping. If those people start their same online shopping from your site, a percentage gets donated back to your ministry.

Anyway, check it out, I think it could potentially be a great way of fundraising for you. Let me know if you have any question, or would like more details, and I'd also be interested to hear your thoughts (even if you're not iterested).

Peace and Love,