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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving 2--Sunday

Today I’m thankful for traveling mercies . . . That phrase that echoed in old-fashioned prayers in our church growing up, and Anne Lamott uses to describe the grace which carries us through this life’s journey.  Specifically I’m thankful that Luke made it to America, a mercy not to be taken for granted as a missionary coming the other way to Fort Portal got temporarily stranded in Dubai, and even vehicles trying to get to and from the airport in Entebbe have been stranded by flooding here.  This trip called life involves lots of bumpy roads, detours, washed out bridges and impassable mud, so I’m very thankful when we get to rise above the muck and fly smoothly.  How quickly I forget the grace which sustains us every day, until near-disaster lurks close enough to realize how blessed we are.  That came this week as Savannah had her first febrile convulsion, she’s better now, but seeing one of our mission kids limp and pale is always a reminder to be thankful for the hourly traveling mercies which carry us along.

Luke was up for 40 straight hours on this trip from Bundibugyo all the way to Grammy’s house.  Maybe he’ll be a doctor after all . . .

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