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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving-part 3-Monday-Team!!!

Today I am thankful for team. We’re in the end-of-the-year process of annual reviews, which is a good time to reflect on how God’s faithfulness has brought us through a year. Today we met with Stephanie—a year ago she was just settling in and trying to figure out her plan and calling, meeting barriers and disappointment on funding prospects, and dealing with some unexpected changes in personal plans. Now a year later we can look back with amazement and joy to see what God has done: a chicken project producing eggs for malnourished kids, sustainable protein in the form of ground nuts being farmed and locally ground into paste, two outlying health units with trained staff and new kids enrolled in pilot outpatient programs, a dozen kids getting lifesaving milk on the inpatient ward and dozens more who’ll be helped this week through the ART clinic, even little Chance going home today a perky smiling 7 kilograms, back on the road to health, and even the personal disappointments do not look so drastic now . . . Plus a year ago we didn’t even know that the Massos would be on an HMA, but God provided Stephanie to learn from Karen and then take on her time-consuming administration and supervision of the whole BundiNutrition program.

Our team has pared down in the last few weeks and will soon tighten again. But those who are here continue to work and cry out and cook and live and love . . . Pamela is running a last hurrah massive TBA training and party tomorrow at the Community Center, a chance to say goodbye to these148 older ladies who attend to most of the deliveries in Bundibugyo. Pat is gearing up for more services to HIV positive people through a new program. Kim has been visiting two local primary schools weekly to encourage the teachers in redemptive approaches to their students, and has two different overnight visits planned with local families this week. Sarah and Ashley teach our kids every day, and find time to sing Christmas carols with little neighbors or coach girls’ soccer. Scott Will sees dozens and dozens of patients weekly, CSB students and HIV positive adults and pediatric admissions, and when he comes up for air from that he organizes games for the crowds of loitering children the rest of us would like to chase home! And in spite of constant illness and threatened discouragement the Barts are hanging in there to finish the CSB year strong. We have a great team of people who press on in weakness, who pause to enjoy the beauty of life here, who long for relationships and meaning and real impact, and who are willing to create community in a tough place. I’m thankful for our team.

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