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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Boys are Back

It has been such a relief to welcome Scott and Caleb back I did not
bother to post the good news . . . but Monday evening the big red
truck pulled into our yard, 20 days and 12 hours after it left, with
Star yelping and Jack and Julia jumping onto the running boards and me
running out to say welcome home. We had a great reunion, just the
wholeness of being back together again. As we finished cooking our
coming home feast, I realized I was SO HUNGRY, for the first time in
three weeks, the cloud of stress of surviving alone had lifted and
left me with an appetite! We laughed a lot, and opened trunks of
goodies (shoes, clothes from the grandparents, chocolate chips and
good coffee and nuts and pepperoni, a few dvd's and books, Christmas
in July). Then we called Luke on the phone and it was almost like
being a whole family again. In 10 days he'll be here, too. I'm so
thankful for my family, the best people on earth.

1 comment:

Heather Pike Agnello said...

So glad most of your family (and appetite) is back home. Enjoy one another to the full!!!